Alba (CN), Italy native, MADJ’s rise is the result of passion and hard work, since he was seventeen years old.
Whether he’s playing a festival, a club or an après-ski he’s always the life of the party, bringing his energy, his musical signature and boundless enthusiasm to every set.
He started as a resident DJ at the Caveau Club in Alba and then, during the years, his persistency brought him up to biggest festivals stage like ”La Rossa Music Festival” in 2022 with Bob Sinclar, “Reload Music Festival” in 2023, “Dionisy New Horizon” with Marten Horger in 2023, “Wake Up” with Eiffel 65 in 2023.
Thanks to his versatility he collected several opening sets for Italian and international artist as Daddy’s Groove (Altromondo Studio), Michael Feiner, Albertino, Fargetta, Molella, Prezioso, Andrea Damante, Andrea Casta, Boro Boro, Anna, Villa Banks, Pagante, Greg Willen, J-Ax and many others.
He does not identify himself in a unique genre and his desire for artistic freedom push him to discover new sounds and experiencing with house and techno music in the latest years. The love of boundary-pushing led him to produce, play in sets and launch his own music with house, latin and techno contaminations.